About Natural Hair Stories

Hey there,

Welcome to NaturalHairStories.com!  My name is Angela and I am a proud Natural and founder of Natural Hair Stories.  I’ve been natural for about 2 ½ years now and it has been quite the journey.

I started this site for three main reasons: 

1)      To create a central hub on the web where you can quickly access the latest and greatest information available to help with your Natural Hair journey

2)      To share the wonderful stories of challenges and transformations that have become the unexpected by-product for many of you after making the decision to go natural

3)      To grow an international community of positive, growth oriented, Naturals who can connect, converse and support one another throughout this journey.

I’ll talk about each of these in a little more detail below:

1)  Natural Hair Blogs Central

I must confess that I am not your typical girly-girl who spends most of her time reading fashion magazines and experimenting with make-up and hairstyles – I’m more of an entrepreneur.  So as you can imagine, I was quite overwhelmed when I started this journey, and I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

I was watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, talking to girlfriends and trying to figure out what to do – you know the drill.  While some of the information was helpful, there was just too much of it and it was way too scattered – which only contributed to my sense of confusion and overwhelm.

Now when I see ladies in the store, with that bewildered daze on their faces as they try to select from the many, many products that are now available on the shelves, I can feel their pain.

But while I’m not exactly a girly-girl, I DO love surfing the web and doing research to learn new things.

So I’ve decided to combine these skills with my love of all things natural, to create Natural Hair Stories as a central place where you can have a one stop view of the latest and greatest information available to help with your Natural Hair journey.

Here you will find information and images on:

  • Transitioning Natural Hair
  • Natural Hair Styles
  • Natural Hair Care
  • Natural Hair Products
  • Natural Hair Home Remedies
  • Celebrity Naturals

2)  Natural Hair Stories

The decision to go natural is different for everyone.  But listen to enough ladies tell the stories of their natural hair journey and you’ll start to hear a few common themes.

As I said earlier, at only a couple of years into this journey, I am far from a trail blazer.  There are many, many ladies who have been rocking the natural style for years, and to them I say “Go Girl!”  I want to bring their stories to you and mingle them with your own, to provide insight and encouragement for us all.

For many Naturals, there’s a lot more going on than just a simple change in hairstyles, there’s also a shift in awareness and a new found freedom.  Maybe I’m crazy, but when I see ladies wearing their hair naturally, I can feel a sense of pride emanating from them.

I know that for many, this journey has awakened a new sense of self love that leads to other areas opening up in your lives.  I also know that this journey is not without its share of challenges.

These are the stories I hope to uncover for us to share with each other on this site.

3)  Natural Hair Community

We all know that achieving goals we’ve set for ourselves is a lot easier if we don’t try to do it alone.  That is why surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded folks with similar goals and aspirations is so important.

The natural hair movement is growing fast and furiously across the world.  How wonderful it is that through the wonders of technology we can connect with one another, ask questions, give props and just support each other.

I hope this site will be just that sort of place.  But also, true to my vision of being a central hub of all things related to natural hair, I’ll be sharing information on other sites, communities and resources I locate that you might want to check out.

So that’s the Vision…

Just think of me as the ghost in the machine  😎 –  the one behind the scenes gathering all the information and resources into a central location to help make your Natural Hair Journey delightful.

Natural Hair Stories will be your guide to the experts and information culled from the thousands and thousands of sources swirling around the net.  I hope this will be the first stop along your Natural Hair Journey and save you from wasting any more time trying to sort through the tons of scattered and disjointed information.

I welcome you and hope you will jump in and share your Natural Hair Stories, tips and ideas with the community!


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