News anchor reveals natural hair after triumphing over health challenge

An inspirational Natural Hair Story

In this short video clip, Pam McKelvy, news anchor of Tennessee based WMC-TV removes her wig on air.

McKelvy lost her hair during cancer chemo treatments, and proudly shows off her new, natural tresses after beating the illness.

Her natural hair is Beautiful!

The clip also highlights how connected women are to their hair.

McKelvy stated,

“A woman’s relationship with her hair is sacred.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Valerie Meyers, Owner and Manager of Valentino’s Hair Salon in Bartlett, who has known McKelvy’s hair since 1995, also chimed in, commenting that:

“People are learning now, oh my god, I didn’t know that the texture of my hair was this good.  We’re finding out now that we really have a nice texture of hair, without chemicals.”

While natural hair has by no means gone mainstream, we are making tremendous strides.

Congratulations to Pam McKelvy for demonstrating such strength and resilience!


What are your thoughts? 

Do you agree or disagree that a woman’s hair is her crown and glory?

Share your views in the comment area below.



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