Oprah Winfrey Magazine Hair Cover 2013

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you surely have not missed the latest issue of Oprah’s Magazine where she is sporting a big, beautiful, afro.

O.K., it’s a wig by Kim Kimble, but it’s still gorgeous.  🙂

This latest issue of O, the Oprah Magazine is all about hair.

In a video promoting the issue, Oprah says:

“This issue is all about long, short, thick, thin, weaves, not, wigs….   How to handle your hair.”

While Oprah is wearing a wig on the cover of this issue, she has previously done a cover photo with her natural hair – shown below.

Oprah Winfrey Natural Hair Cover 2012

Rock on Oprah — It’s a beautiful thing!……


Would you ever rock a ‘Fro this large?

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